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Hi, it’s Clément! 👋

I’m a software engineer at Cloudflare and an open-source enthusiast.

💻 Current Software Projects


💱 Fast, offline currency converter 💴 💷 💶 💵

🏷️ rust 🏷️ cli 🏷️ money 🏷️ finance 🏷️ rust-lang 🏷️ rustlang 🏷️ command-line-tool 🏷️ currency-converter 🏷️ hacktoberfest 🏷️ sesters

Telescope Repo.nvim

Jump into the repositories (git, mercurial…) of your filesystem with telescope.nvim

🏷️ git 🏷️ fossil-scm 🏷️ nvim 🏷️ telescope 🏷️ pijul

Rusqlite Migration

↕️ Simple database schema migration library for rusqlite, written with performance in mind.

🏷️ rust 🏷️ library 🏷️ schema 🏷️ sqlite3 🏷️ rusqlite

Lightweight Container Proxy

🔒 Lightweight firefox addon providing socks5 proxy per container

🏷️ javascript 🏷️ firefox-addon 🏷️ proxy 🏷️ browser-extension 🏷️ socks5-proxy

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🗞️ On the blog

How I Got Started with NeoVim’s Lua Configuration

Four months ago I was still using SpaceVim when I stambled upon a blog post on how to configure NeoVim with Lua. I then started to create my own configuration. In this post I’ll share the learnings acquired in the process. I hope you will find this useful to create your own configuration! Why create your own Vim config from scratch? Vim has been my daily driver for about ten years....

July 18, 2021 · 9 min

Chezmoi Templates to Manage your Configuration

One’s configuration evolves over years and is slowly refined over time. Versioning it in git eases management and backup of this important work. To have an homogenous setup despite variations between work and personnal computer, I use chezmoi with templates. For instance, in the git configuration, I put the following in my .gitconfig chezmoi template: [user] email = {{ .email }} and it gets rendered to this: [user] email = me@my....

July 18, 2021 · 1 min

SQLite Pragma Cheatsheet for Performance and Consistency

SQL pragma are statements (like SELECT … or CREATE TABLE …) that change the database behaviors or call a special functions. This post is a short list of SQLite pragma I use in my projects built on SQLite, to get better performance and more consistency. TL;DR When Opening the DB PRAGMA journal_mode = wal; -- different implementation of the atomicity properties PRAGMA synchronous = normal; -- synchronise less often to the filesystem PRAGMA foreign_keys = on; -- check foreign key reference, slightly worst performance and check user_version....

May 7, 2021 · 5 min
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