Here is some interesting papers I’ve read this year.

Weaponizing Middleboxes for TCP Reflected Amplification

This paper uses the fact that some middleboxes are non-compliant TCP stacks. In particular, middleboxes sometimes see only one side of a connection and as a result, it’s possible that they answer spoofed packets. After an initial training (with a genetic algorithm) on a subset of known censoring networks to optimize amplification factors, the authors present the results of applying this to the whole IPv4 internet.

Xor Filters: Faster and Smaller Than Bloom and Cuckoo Filters

A bit like bloom filters, but read-only, more compact and faster. The companion blog post is a good introduction:

To be continued

I’ll update this page through 2021 if I want to share other papers. In the meantime, here are other posts listing papers: