I’ve just added the last 8 versions of the Asciinema player to gohugo-asciinema, my Hugo module to easily integrate the Asciinema player to your website. Lots of exciting new features, like improved decoding and rendering efficiency as well as some support for streaming asciicasts. See the changelog links below for details of the changes. There were no changes made to the Hugo module itself, besides copying the JS & CSS from the Asciinema player.

Security note: all the releases are signed. You can even check that the files JS and CSS file in the plugin match the ones uploaded in release pages. Thanks to @ku1ik for providing these files directly!

Updating in Hugo

As usual to get the latest version the player on your website, you can run:

hugo mod get -u cj.rs/gohugo-asciinema


Here is the changelogs in the upstream Asciinema player for the updated versions:

Delay Updating the CSS and JS Files

I apologize for the delay in updating those versions in my Hugo module. I do have alerts set up when a new version comes in but I’m still testing manually to make sure that the updated version works well. This Hugo module being a side-project, I did not get the chance to do the testing any earlier. I’ve tested all those versions against various pages of my website, and it all worked well. But please feel free to report any problem you may encounter.

Moving forward, I’ll rely on a script to automate the bulk of the update, that should help updating only a few days after the release. That script is not perfect and will be improved incrementally.

Since this is a release related to Asciinema, here is an asciicast of that new script downloading the latest CSS and JS, making a commit and tagging it.

Please feel free to use this script and open a PR if you spot an update before I do in the future 😁.