Detail-oriented and self-motivated Software Engineer based in London.
Proficient in particular in Rust and Python.


Jun. 2022 - Feb. 2024   Software Engineer L4, Paxos, London: Brokerage team

  • Responsibilities: design and delivery of a smart order routing system from the ground up, adapting to the quickly evolving requirements of crypto markets
  • Designed the smart order router in a team of three using a microservice-based architecture
  • Wrote a connector service to internal and external market-places for order execution
  • Drove performance improvements by:
    • Load-testing a production-like system while analyzing metrics and resource usage of the key components
    • Using results to tune SQL indices, RabbitMQ parameters and calls to accounting services developed by other teams
  • Lead cross-team initiatives to spread Rust knowledge and best practices — in particular to catch logical errors at compile time by leveraging the type system
  • Engineering support for customer-facing trading-systems, from REST & FIX APIs to the order-matching engine

✓   Rust, Go, Python, AWS, Postgres, Microservices, Protocol Buffer, RabbitMQ

Sep. 2020 - Jun. 2022   Software Engineer, Cloudflare, London: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection team

  • Responsibilities: maintain and improve automated mitigation systems against DoS attacks, answer customer queries
  • Redesigned with a colleague the data pipeline to display network analytics to customers. It involved mainly data extraction using eBPF, efficient and performant storage in ClickHouse and a public facing GraphQL API
  • Extended and automated data extraction for public reports like “Network-layer DDoS attack trends for Q4 2020”
  • Optimized directly-written eBPF assembly, C code, ClickHouse tables and materialized views
  • Troubleshooted, fixed bugs and extended the Gatebot Python codebase
  • Co-authored the blog post “How we built Network Analytics v2”

✓   C, eBPF, XDP, Rust, Go, Python, Docker, TCP, UDP, dos attacks, ClickHouse, GraphQL

Mar. - Aug. 2020   Software Developer Intern, Cloudflare, London: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) team

✓   eBPF, XDP, TCP, kernel probes, Python

Talks & Papers

Aug. 2020   Linux Plumbers Conference 2020 (talk & paper): Evaluation of Tail Call Costs in eBPF

Aug. 2020   Master Thesis: Impact of Indirect Calls within eBPF and Changes to Reduce this Impact

Aug. 2019   NOMS 2020 Conference (co-author): The Rise of eBPF for Non-Intrusive Performance Monitoring


2017 - 2020   Télécom Nancy, Nancy, France: Masters of Science in Computer Science

Focused on software engineering and project management

2015 - 2017   Lycée A. Fournier, Bourges, France: two-year course equiv. to a BSc in Mathematics and Physics

Preparation for the highly competitive nationwide entrance exams for French Grandes Écoles

School Projects

2018 - 2019   Full compiler: Tiger language (team of 4 people, 6 months)

  • Wrote a grammar for the language with ANTLR, constructed the abstract syntax tree (AST)
  • Did semantic analysis on the AST, generated assembly code (function, loops, conditional branches)

✓   Java, ANTLR, formal language theory

Personal Software Projects

2019 - 2024   Rusqlite Migration: database schema migration library for rusqlite, written with performance in mind

  • Reviewed contributions, feature requests and bug reports. Respected semantic versioning strictly
  • Used in the NordVPN Linux client, Tabby (self-hosted AI coding assistant)…

✓   Rust (noteworthy package used: lazy_static, rusqlite), SQLite

2019 - 2024   Plugins for the neovim text editor: hundreds of daily users (based on GitHub clones and stars)

✓   Lua, Fennel (a Lisp dialect), VimScript, neovim APIs

2014 - Now   Misc. Open-Source Contributions: please visit my website at for a full list