• Responsibilities: maintain and improve automated mitigation systems against DoS attacks, answer customer queries
  • Redesigned with a colleague the data pipeline to display network analytics to customers. It involved mainly data extraction using eBPF, efficient and performant storage in ClickHouse and a public facing GraphQL API
  • Extended and automated data extraction for public reports like “Network-layer DDoS attack trends for Q4 2020”
  • Optimized directly-written eBPF assembly, C code, ClickHouse tables and materialized views
  • Troubleshooted, fixed bugs and extended the Gatebot Python codebase
  • Co-authored the blog post “How we built Network Analytics v2”

✓   C, eBPF, XDP, Rust, Go, Python, Docker, TCP, UDP, dos attacks, ClickHouse, GraphQL

  • Worked from home (part of the time), took oncall shifts
  • Organized knowledge-sharing sessions to get new team member up to speed or to share insight from a research paper with colleagues