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Min Hugo Version: 0.77.0

Insert the Asciinema player in your Hugo site with ease. There is also falls back to a helpful message in case javascript is deactivated in the browser.

Please see the 3beta branch for version 3 of the Asciinema player, currently in beta


If you haven’t used hugo modules before (make sure the go compiler is installed as well):

hugo mod init <my-module-path>

more details in hugo docs.

Then just:

hugo mod get -u -v

and edit your hugo config to add the module reference. For instance for config.toml

    path = ""


Use this shortcode:

{{< asciicast src="/telescope-repo-nvim/telescope.json" poster="npt:0:04" autoPlay=true loop=true >}}


  • src is the only required argument. All the other arguments are parameters in the object passed as the third argument of AsciinemaPlayer.create.
  • ⚠️ src is known to sometimes cause problem with relative URLs. Your best bet is to use absolute URLs or at least from the root of the site, as in the above example.
  • Numbers and booleans should be passed without being enclosed in ", i.e. autoPlay=true, not autoPlay="true".


  • Displays a message when JavaScript is disabled in the user browser
  • Fingerprinted assets, to improve caching and ultimately your site performance
  • Update with hugo mod get -u

How Are the Sources of the Player Generated?

The Asciinema Player version is fetched from the official repository in the corresponding version. Then, if prebuilt JS/CSS files are provided they are used to ease verifiability by third party. If not, these files are generated following the instructions from Asciinema Player readme.


You may use a local version of this module in hugo like this:

replacements = " -> /some/path/gohugo-asciinema"
path = ""

Please consider sending a PR with your patches, it’s always appreciated and will save you the trouble of maintaining the changes on your own!