Recent Software Projects

These projects have reached some level of maturity and are still actively developed. They all follow this code of conduct and this security policy. Contributions are most welcome!

Rusqlite Migration

↕️ Simple database schema migration library for rusqlite, written with performance in mind.

Rust  ★ 69

Telescope Repo Nvim

🦘 Jump into the repositories (git, mercurial…) of your filesystem with telescope.nvim, without any setup

Lua  ★ 202

Gohugo Asciinema

⏯️ Insert the Asciinema Player in your Hugo site with ease.

CSS  ★ 16

Pico Heater

Heating control with a raspberry pi pico


Gohugo Shorturl

🔗 Hugo module to create shorturls (so your shorturl like can redirect to


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