Rusqlite Migration

Reviewed contributions, feature requests and bug reports. Respected semantic versioning strictly Used in the NordVPN Linux client, Tabby (self-hosted AI coding assistant)… ✓ Rust (noteworthy package used: lazy_static, rusqlite), SQLite ...

Embedded platform to acquire sensor data

Python Web interface to select and import photos, sounds and videos, generalizable to any other data Geo-localized data is displayed on a dynamic map ✓ Python, Linux (Armbian), SQLite while preventing SQL injections, Single Board Computer

Twitter-like service

Developed a client and a server according to the specification ✓ Network system calls, SQLite in C while preventing SQL injections

Freelance work for a junior company (Télécom Nancy Services)

Stored recurring and one-time orders; planed and recorded product delivery to bill each customer Saved hours each month: planning and billing delivery was done manually on paper before ✓ Android, Java, SQL, SQLite, Room ORM ...

Gitlab Classroom

Designed the SQLite tables to store required credentials and relations between users Integrated our interface with Gitlab by calling the Gitlab API ✓ Python3 (Flask, SQLAlchemy), SQLite, Gitlab API, HTML/CSS/JavaScript ...


✓ Rust (noteworthy package used: serde, clap, reqwest, rusqlite), SQLite, Web API