How We Built Network Analytics V2

I co-authored this post on the Cloudflare Blog: How we built Network Analytics v2 Archived copies: WaybackMachine

May 2, 2023 · 1 min

Linux Plumbers Conference 2020 (talk & paper)

Evaluation of tail call costs in eBPF, with existing and custom benchmarking tools

Software Developer Intern, Cloudflare, London

Aim: benchmark, develop and compare various performance optimizations in l4drop, a DoS mitigation system Presented the methodology and results at the Linux Plumbers Conference and in my master thesis ✓ eBPF, XDP, TCP, kernel probes, Python ...

NOMS 2020 Conference (co-author)

“The Rise of eBPF for Non-Intrusive Performance Monitoring”

Software Developer Intern, SnT, Luxembourg

Aim: explore performance analysis technics with eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) Wrote IP-whitelisting tool using XDP for DDoS protection of a Ripple blockchain connector Extended Vector monitoring tool with additional eBPF modules : packet analysis (HTTP & WebSocket, UDP & DTLS), garbage collector visualization for NodeJS using USDT probes Co-authored a research paper outlining innovative performance monitoring schemes Worked in English on a daily basis. ✓ eBPF at different levels, Docker, Python, Go, TCP, UDP, Websocket