cljoly/hmrc2ledger Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. It may be outdated or wrong, do your own research. Convert CSV to ledger price db, to compute foreign transaction CGT (and section 104 holdings). Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0


 cljoly/ledger.ctags If you are using Ledger or one of its variants for your plain text accounting, you get to manage your finances a bit more like you manage code. With plain text files, in your favorite editor. And yet, as opposed to code in most languages, you don’t have a Language Server Protocol implementation. So it’s a bit harder to get completions on accounts, tags, payees… You have to rely on bespoken support from your editor and that’s often imperfect or slow....

Generating Snippets with LuaSnip in Neovim

TL;DR When you have many variations of the same snippet, one option is to generate those with Lua code. The complete example is at the end. I’ve recently moved to LuaSnip as my snippets plugin for Neovim. When I first started, I sticked to the simplest features of LuaSnip, in particular the SnipMate-like syntax for snippets. But I have now started to explore the more distinctive features of LuaSnip, like Lua-defined snippets....

July 31, 2022 · 4 min

From UltiSnips to LuaSnip

TL;DR LuaSnip is fast and doesn’t have to be complicated. Give it a try! Even if that article shows how LuaSnip shines, I have great respect for the work that has gone into UltiSnips. It is still a reliable, reasonably fast plugin given the constraint it operates in (in particular, Vim compatibility requires a fair amount of Vimscript). I’ve written this article shortly after trying LuaSnip and I’m still very much evaluating it....

May 15, 2022 · 7 min

Putting READMEs on your Static Site

I’m happy to introduce RISS (README In Static Site), a tool that transforms a README file and insert it on your website

September 23, 2021 · 3 min

Configuration Management

TL;DR Chezmoi follows a declarative approach to configuration management. Even if you already use a configuration-management system, you should check out how it compares! A Custom Configuration Makes You Feel at Home Your git aliases, shell setup, keyboard shortcuts and even your favorite fonts are tweaked for your own needs and tastes. It’s part of what makes your computer, your computer. All this configuration evolves over years and is slowly refined over time....

September 3, 2021 · 4 min

README In Static Site (RISS)

 cljoly/readme-in-static-site This fast script allows you to insert your GitHub README in your static site and apply transformations. For instance, you can read this README on GitHub and on my website. Why? The GitHub README of your repo needs to efficiently describe your project to GitHub’s visitor. But featuring your project on your website allows you to (among other things): have more control on the theme and layout, insert scripts that GitHub would prohibit (like asciinema), have your project’s homepage independent of your hosting platform, if you wish to change at some point....

How I Got Started with NeoVim’s Lua Configuration

Four months ago I was still using SpaceVim when I stumbled upon a blog post on how to configure NeoVim with Lua. I then started to create my own configuration. In this post I’ll share the learnings acquired in the process. I hope you will find this useful to create your own configuration! Why create your own Vim config from scratch? Vim has been my daily driver for about ten years....

July 18, 2021 · 9 min