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telescope-repo is an extension for telescope.nvim that searches the filesystem for git (or other SCM1, like Pijul, Mercurial…) repositories. It does not require any setup: the list of repositories is built on the fly over your whole $HOME, you don’t need to manually add projects or open some folders to populate this list, as opposed to telescope-project.nvim or project.nvim.

Finding the repositories with “telescope” in their name, with the README in the panel on the top:

Use cases include:

  • If you don’t start vim from the shell (from a GUI or as the start command of a terminal), you are most likely in your $HOME directory. You then want to jump into your code as quickly as possible and this plugin can help!
  • Sometimes, you have the definition of a function and use of it in different repositories (e.g. a library you wrote and a program using this library). This plugin helps to open the two, for instance in two splits.
  • Use of less popular SCMs: some similar extensions rely on strong conventions to find repositories, like “directories containing a .git file that is also a directory, all inside directory X”. Less popular SCMs like Pijul have a different folder name, and even git worktrees don’t feat neatly into these constraint, with their .git files.

telescope-repo.nvim is based on telescope-ghq.nvim


You need to add these in your plugin management system:


And optionally, to load the extension:



For instance, with Packer.nvim:

use 'cljoly/telescope-repo.nvim'
use {
  requires = { {'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim'} }

External Dependencies


  • fd to find the repositories on the filesystem


  • glow to preview markdown files, will fall back to bat if not present (and uses cat if neither are present)



:Telescope repo list

Running repo list and list repositories' paths.

key action
<CR> (edit) builtin.git_files for git, falls back to builtin.find_files for other SCMs



Filepath for the binary fd.

" path can be expanded
:Telescope repo list bin=~/fd

Pattern of the SCM database folder.

Default value: [[^\.git$]]


Transform the result paths into relative ones with this value as the base dir.

Default value: vim.fn.getcwd()


Show only basename of the path.

Default value: false


Call pathshorten() for each path. This will for instance transform /home/me/code/project to /h/m/c/project.

Default value: false


Here is how you can use this plugin with various SCM:

SCM Command
git :Telescope repo list or lua require'telescope'.extensions.repo.list{}
pijul lua require'telescope'.extensions.repo.list{pattern=[[^\.pijul$]]}
hg lua require'telescope'.extensions.repo.list{pattern=[[^\.hg$]]}
fossil lua require'telescope'.extensions.repo.list{pattern=[[^\.fslckout$]]}

Is your favorite SCM missing? It should be straightforward to support it by changing the pattern parameter. If you want it to be considered for addition here, open a PR!


Getting the repository list is slow

You can use your .fdignore to exclude some folders from your filesystem. If there is enough interest, #1 could further enhance this.

  1. SCM: Source-Control Management ↩︎